Stucco is especially challenging because techniques have changed over time, finishes have gone out of style and matching older styles requires an experienced stucco repair person.

We pride ourselves in our expert stucco repair and patching and our ability to match finishes.

If you're looking for an expert painting contractor for your stucco repair, stucco patching and painting project call Xtreme Pro Painting at (562) 234-4581 or use our handy painting quote form.

More Exterior Painting Projects...

Sanded & Stained Exterior Fence in Laguna Niguel, CA

By C. Ramirez | December 23, 2021
Stain Painters Near Me - Orange County, CA

For this exterior painting project we used a solid body stain product to restore and protect this fence on the property line. We prepped for the job by starting with a power wash using a wood cleaner and then, once it dried, doing a thorough sanding to open up the wood surface to take the new, solid body stain. The end result is a fence that “looks like new!”…

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Complete Exterior Painting Project in Belmont Heights, CA

By C. Ramirez | December 22, 2021
Painting Contractor Belmont Heights, CA

Long Beach, 2nd street Belmont Heights, next to Toledo. Covered all new flooring, slate. Scraped all loose stucco, repair, primed, power washed, patch. Prime Garage opens on alley, crew working. Painted faux moldings pink. Finished product faux molding looks much better dark color, white stucco, black on molding, color consultation for this customer finished project: we would have painted the door as well. If you’re looking for an expert…

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Home Exterior, Garage and Patio Painted in Anaheim, CA

By C. Ramirez | December 22, 2021
Painting Contractors, Anaheim, CA

This exterior painting project was on a 2-story home in Anaheim, CA. We sanded all the trim and painted the complete complete exterior on the house and garaage, the porch with complex raining on the homes second story as well as the back patio of the home. The final photo of the finished project shows our happy customers, the home owners, giving us the two thumbs up! If you’re…

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Exterior Painting Project in Huntington Beach, CA

By C. Ramirez | December 22, 2021
Painting Contractor Huntington Beach, CA

This was an exterior painting project in Huntington Beach, CA where we do a lot of work. We painted the exterior of the house and garage and, as we are always happy to see, top quality paints were the customers choice. Whenever we get a project like this we start off by sanding all of then peeling paint, and we will even use a grinder if necessary, in order…

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Exterior Painting Project in Rossmoor, CA

By C. Ramirez | December 22, 2021
Exterior Painting Project - Rossmoor, CA

For this exterior painting project in Rossmoor, CA we painted the new siding, new fascia, brand new wood. Unfortunately the carpenters didn’t leave it in a ready to paint state so we finished the patching and priming, sanding, used bondo because it is the strongest way in which to repair wood damage and we recommended it in certain circumstances. The second photo illustrates the very clean looking light beige…

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