Our expert drywall installers and repair people can handle even the most challenging patching and replacement jobs.

They are so skilled that their repairs are invisible to the eye. Many painting companies claim to be able to drywall but few can match our years of experience doing drywall installation, repairs and the texturing needed to provide a seamless finished product.

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Interior Drywall Replacement & Painting Project in Huntington Beach, CA

By C. Ramirez | December 23, 2021
Drywall Repair Orange County, CA

This is an interesting project in Huntington Beach, CA where we worked to both do demolitions and removal of drywall inside their existing house and to install new drywall and Skim coat for new drywall new add on on a house. This project involved drywall, prepping and paint in their laundry room, a hallway and bedrooms. After the drywall is repaired or replaced and the joints and skim coat…

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