We offer the following Residential Painting Services

Interior Painting - 

The painting of the interior of the rooms of your house must be pristine because this is where you, your family and guests spend the bulk of your time.

We spend the time necessary to properly prepare and protect your existing floor coverings, appliances and additional rooms while we work.

Our preparation of the surfaces, cleaning, sanding and masking, is unmatched because we know that these things, if done right, guarantee an excellent, beautiful, long lasting paint job.

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Exterior Painting - 

Again, preparation is the key to our success and a beautiful finish that will last years.

We start by protecting all plants and external hardscape in the area that we're working in.

Preparation for painting the exterior of your house involves wood repair or replacement, filling, sanding or stucco repair as needed and masking of all trim needing protection. Once the surfaces are perfect, dry and inspected we put on the color coats that you've chosen.
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Drywall Replacement and Repair - 

Our expert drywall installers and repair people can handle even the most challenging patching and replacement jobs.

They are so skilled that their repairs are invisible to the eye. Many painting companies claim to be able to drywall but few can match our years of experience doing drywall installation, repairs and the texturing needed to provide a seamless finished product.

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Stucco Repair and Patching -

Stucco is especially challenging because techniques have changed over time, finishes have gone out of style and matching older styles requires an experienced stucco repair person.

We pride ourselves in our expert stucco repair and patching and our ability to match finishes.

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Lacquer - 

There are certain situation where lacquer is the exact right finish for the wood surface. We are experts in the multiple layers of lacquer application necessary to insure a clear coat and a durable surface that stands up to wear and tear and cleaning.

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Stain - 

Staining exposed wood surfaces is a great way to seal them and protect them from the elements while imparting new colors to the wood in a deep and lasting way.

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Refinish Cabinets - 

Rather than completely replace or even reface old cabinets we recommend refinishing them to the look you want for your kitchen or bath. This is the most economical route and often provides the exact look for a fraction of the price of replacement or refacing.

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Finish Carpentry  -

We offer all of the traditional finish carpentry services like base boards, moulding, crown molding, wainscoting, we even repair molding as needed.